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Ambien stories

Scary-Funny Ambien story - Socialize

5.15.2017 | Logan Blare

So I called my doctor and she told me she would call in a prescription for ambien on Thursday afternoon. Long story -short. It wasn't there.

I feel fine today- so much better than in recent weeks.

*slightly* less trippy, for sure.

Does this stuff wear off as a person takes it? I will need to call my doctor on Monday and get advice on this. So- now I dunno. I do feel more well rested than I have in weeks but this is just too bizarre and my sleep comes at his expense as he says he's sleeping with one eye open on me to make sure I'm safe.

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With the 10 MG, I slept through just fine (as far as I know!. there was someone sleeping in the office and someone on the couch so I would think it would be known if I walked around in my sleep the first night) and the second night- the bedroom door was locked so I know I didn't get up and leave the bedroom.

And that even not in years.Hopefully I never do.

Ambien Stories Ambien stories

7.17.2017 | Logan Blare

For all your stories, my father committed suicide. Those who have gone through this, please know that your loved one was not trying to hurt you or your family.

Unable to find any of the things I was looking for in the places I usually keep them I became extremely frustrated only to discover after a few minutes that I had already set them all out and compley forgotten that I had done so. A few minutes later I came back out to the gargage and began to look for the same tools and things that I had already set out to work with. One morning I got up and went out to the garage to do some woodworking, which is my hobby. I took Ambien CR for a short time because I was having trouble sleeping.

Ever do anything nutty after taking ambien? Santa Monica

6.16.2017 | Logan Miers

Anyone else have an ambien trip? i had a sleep problem about a year ago, my doc gave me ambien.. i've had pals l me similar sex/ambien stories.

Pills a go go. (but I LOVE both). Klonopin is NOT Ambien. At all. But they ARE NOT the same. They may be on a similar "family tree". At all.

also, the thing about it is, you ARE asleep....just doing crazy shit while ur compley knocked out.

he didn't believe me when I told him what he had done until I mentioned specific names and places. he believed me after that. he told me things he clearly wouldn't have if he were sober, he was crying and saying goofy things to me and other unmentionables.

The 'Things I did on Ambien' subreddit is hilarious and terrifying and

9.19.2017 | Logan Blare

Redditors share their hilarious and usually embarrassing stories of things they did while on Ambien.

"I'd go for 'Sorry, i reacted badly to my sleeping medication' rather than 'Sorry, I'm on ambien'. Sounds less like you're a druggy IMO," one user wrote.

i can't breathe o can't forgot 2 get toiler pappppper at workk.

" The walrus strikes again, " a Redditor wrote as the post title, linking to a photo of a receipt for $3,075.99 worth of Golden Tibetan Yaks.

A friend of a friend accidentally ordered a live yak while on sleeping pills.

There are also numerous reference to the Ambien Walrus, or the thing that users embody when the drugs side effects kick in.

Image: TheMax615/reddit.

Ambien Horror Stories One Woman Shaved Her Son's HeadAnd

12.22.2017 | Jessica MacAdam
Ambien stories

Every time Bert talks about Ambien on-air, an influx of calls come in about horror stories of the things people have done while on Ambien…and they have no.

102711 – 0850 – Crazy Things Done On Ambien.

110211 – Crazy Ambien Stories – Shaved Arms – Xmas Deco.

Every time Bert talks about Ambien on-air, an influx of calls come in about horror stories of the things people have done while on Ambien…and they have no recollection the next day. One woman painted her apartment porch PURPLE while she was ‘sleeping,’ another shaved her son’s head, and one even jumped off her back porch and fell FIFTEEN feet!.

Those aren’t the only things that have happened – listeners call The Bert Show with their sleepwalking horror stories.

Hmmm…maybe they got confused with legs?. 102711 – 0850 – Crazy Things Done On Ambien – callers We’ve got more horror stories, but this time, someone woke up in a tub with shaved arms.