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5mg ambien side effects

Would you give Ambien to your kids?

10.20.2017 | Nathan Becker
5mg ambien side effects

I'm going to be relying heavily on Ambien to keep me sane.. 3. It may be dangerous as to side effects documented in children I'm 15 yd I'm freshman in high school and I'm talking ambein 5mg for my narcolepsy, and my.

I wouldn’t, but what does your pediatrician say?

It felt like magic, like the best gift I ever got. I was so grateful that I wept when I talked to the doctor…about getting a refill.

By the way, interesting article about insomnia drugs like Ambien (and potential side effects) http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2013/12/09/131209fa_fact_parker. No.

I was literally going crazy from lack of sleep. This was right before I decided to move out of my house and into my backyard for a few weeks. I kept it going for a couple of years, but then I hit some kind of insane insomniac rock bottom.

It means a lot to me. So thanks for all the support.

I guess I just see a difference in asking would you give your kids Ambien and would you ask your pediatrician for sleeping medication. I guess I would have a different opinion if the title and question asked about what options parents have for children on long haul flights that cannot sleep.

Mike – Thanks for adding to the conversation.

Wow… Are you really asking your readers if it’s appropriate to give a child ambien?? Wow.

Points and Pixie Dust.

Also, when you write these posts, and people act like jerks, like Brett, I would not even a knowledge them.

So I started taking Ambien. At the time, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. It was blissful. I could hold a normal conversation again. I got my life back. I just took a little nibble each night – a fourth of a pill – and it was enough to let me fall asleep and stay that way. I was hallucinating throughout the day, I had to speak really slowly in order to get my thoughts across, and most of the time I couldn’t really remember what I was trying to do or say anyway. I was a mess. I felt like a new person.

David – I’ve definiy had Ambien moments.

Wide Awake – Amen!!

Very well said I’m on this site because my daughter has mom’s insomnia. My guess is those that look down on us either #1 don’t have children #2 have children but not children with insomnia #3 the other parent gets to stay up all night with the little insomniac! I work 40+ hours a week she has school 5 days a week INSOMNIA ain’t nobody got time for that! Plus we’re horrible mother’s for wanting our children to sleep well & be focused!.

However, I have to wonder: would you give Ambien to your kids?

As I write this, it’s 10:30 at night here in California. She’s awake. She got a lot of me in her. I can hear my 11-year old daughter next door in her room. Normally she just deals with it, but she can’t take naps, and of course once she wakes up she can’t fall back asleep. She won’t fall asleep for at least another half an hour, even though she’s been in bed, lights out, since 9 pm.

HeavenlyJane – Yes, that is important for me, too. I think it really makes sense.

If you haven’t suffered through more than the ocaissional sleepless night, you can’t know the devastating affects it can wreak throughout every aspect of your life.

A little late but my daughter just woke me up again for the whatever night in a row! And YES she takes Ambien! She’s been going to a pediatric sleep specialist for 3 years and we’ve tried a lot of stuff to get to this and now after 2 weeks it is no longer keeping her asleep! Don’t jump to judgment ppl! You’d be amazed how different you become with no sleep! The wrong actions you can take! I was worried at first giving her the medication but she needs sleep even if her body thinks not/rejects it!

So, my simple question is…would you give Ambien to your kids? As you can see from the comments, readers have interpreted the question in many different ways, which is fine. I’m very interested in the conversation, as always, so I appreciate you (and everyone else) who participated. Brent.

But it’s a real problem let them have it and if u think there starting to get addicted then slowly take them off. I’m 15 yd I’m freshman in high school and I’m talking ambein 5mg for my narcolepsy, and my really bad paranoia during the night. I think in order to get them for kids is take them to a narogist and see what they can do for u. I understand why u think people my age or a little bit younger shouldn’t.

Denise L – I don’t know! I haven’t asked yet. I’m going to bring it up when we have our next checkup.

they are 15/13 and they had it last year on a 10 hr flight. I dont think it will hurt once in a real blue moon but as a regular thing during a trip no way. I have given it to my kids once.

Maggie – Thanks so much for sharing this. I’m so glad you found something that works for your son! My best hopes for you and your family.

I also take ambien. So did my wife. The wife stopped and it was hard. I still eat 5mg a night most nights. Not sure wth i was thinking, I just dont remember. Designer sleep she calls it. Like one time I hid some disney tickets and to this day I still cannot find them in our house. One thing I will say is that its horribly addictive and very difficult to not take it after u have been doing so for a while. Ive also forgotten stuff I did shortly before bed.

Jeri – Thank you for such an awesome comment! You always get where I’m coming from.

My 2 kids and I are also insomniacs. I’m not sure what route she will ultimay go with him, but if she prescribed Ambien, like I am on, I would give it a try under very close supervision (I’d stay awake next to him to make sure there were no weird side effects.). My 12 yr old son’s Dr is trying some safer sleep meds for him, unfortunay, none are effective.

What do people who have insomniac kids do ??? I can’t be the only mom-of-an-insomniac out there. The thing is: I’m curious.

Note: I am in the process of making a few more changes to my site. Thanks for bearing with me!. Apologies for the weird links and photos! Hopefully I can get them fixed soon.

She was talking about asking the doctor for a prescription and if that is okay to do that to such a young person. She wasn’t talking about cutting up her medication and giving it to her daughter. For being somewhat smart you are very stupid. I guess common sense is not so common.

The reason I asked the question is that I was curious if there are any traveling parents out there who have experienced the same thing.

I wish you the best of luck. And just remember that anyone who thinks they have parenting all figured out, is compley delusional. I hope you get the help you need.

ABC – I look forward to reading it!

There is no pediatric dosing available for this drug, plus as a prescription drug it is against the law to give it to someone other than to who it is prescribed. (I say that based on a very quick review of the literature.). As a matter of fact there is evidence that Ambien may be dangeous in children and I think, as a medical professional, it would be irresponsible to just hand Ambien to a child. Ambien is for adults, not kids.

Jay – Yep. I’m really asking what people think about this. This isn’t a sugar-coated blog.

And of course some people are not going to read this very carefully and assume that I am dosing my kids with all kinds of illegal substances…and some people are just not very nice online…but I’m not interested in sanitizing my posts and only having “safe” conversations.

Brent – You’re making a few assumptions here! It seems like you’ve leapt to the conclusion that I would hand my daughter an entire, unprescribed pill. Since I personally lived for decades without Ambien, then years in a state of extreme sleep deprivation, that action would be a little out of character for me.

it is also illegal. Sorry, but my feeling is that this post was made in poor taste. Should you really be starting a conversation debating if you should give your children a schedule IV controlled substance? Not only would giving your kids Ambien be poor parenting. Just in the past year or two they have found that they have been giving women twice the needed dose. So I can’t even imagine what this would do to a child who’d brain is still developing.

I’ve been one all my life. Right, Josh?. It’s SO fun to be married to me. I can’t take naps, it takes me at least two hours to fall asleep at night, and I am really sensitive to noise and light (and if I wake up, it’s over ). As if my life weren’t exciting enough, I am a huge insomniac.

Before I had kids, I just kind of dealt with it. I would factor in extra time for falling asleep each night, and I knew that I could just sleep in on weekends if I needed to. Sometimes I was a little tired during the day, but it was manageable.

What milligram of ambien was your son prescribed?

Would I give my kid ambien? I don’t think so,but I’m also not desperate. I also have one child who is not a great sleeper, but she’s just “not great.” It’s not hard core. But I do understand that you’re trying to make your child’s life less difficult, less painful, because you’re a good mommy. I have no words of wisdom.

After I had kids, that all changed. I mean, like…CRAZY. My kids just aren’t the sleeping type. And that fact, plus my insomnia, equals crazy. I was just SO TIRED, ALL THE TIME.

I find that Melatonin also works well.

I have found that shutting off my PCs, tablets, smartphones 15-30 minutes before bed time helps. I think insomnia is on the rise with the increased use of iPads/tablets in bed. The lighting that tablets emit triggers our bodies to hpyer-alertness.

2. It may be dangerous as to side effects documented in children. It is illegal. In summary: 1. 3. It may be dangerous as there is no dosing/trials availible.

It has been a life saver, one dose at bedtime and he is finally sleeping through the night and even taking his nap the next day. My son has autism, he is 22 months. This medication can help with that. When we love our children we do what is necessary to keep them healthy. It didn’t work at all. So they have put him on ambien to help him with his sleep. There actually is a pediatric dose. Anyone who wants to say it’s “bad parenting” or just me “being a when I feel like it’ parent” (I’ve gotten both), if I do not give him the ambien it causes a great deal more medical issues for him than simply giving it to him. He refuses to sleep, fights it until he can’t fight anymore and even then he only slept 4 hours out of every 24 hours. He is also eating better, and his mood swings have improved. Any parent with children who don’t sleep understands the pain of knowing that unless you stigmatize yourself as a parent there is not much that can be done for your children. We tried melatonin to help him, his doctors thought it might be melatonin deficiency.

I can set a sleep timer in most apps, and I drift off. I have no advice. just keeps me up later. It pulls my mind away from any worries that might be overwhelming me. I’ve had luck with Jane Austin, the Brontes, some Mark Twain. Dickens stories work well for me because the pace is slowish, and there’s generally more language than action. One thing that I’ve found works for me, not my daughter, is listening to books on my iPod/phone. I just want to note that watching things like movies, etc. Actually nothing contemporary works. Just any book won’t work, it can’t be too funny or exciting.

Little Cash. Luxe Style. Huge Travel.

Kendra. As much I I hope you get help, I’m afraid some readers, more likely trolls, will take the opportunity to feed their egos, by leveling harsh criticism at you. For a fair chunk of my earlier parenting years It was exacerbated by chronic pain. I was a pretty bad insomniac myself for most of my life. Oh Kendra.

It changed my life.

Brent – My question is multi-layered. I’m curious if parents would ask a doctor about sleep medication for their kids; I wonder if parents would actually decide to dose their kids if their pediatrician prescribed a sleep aid; I wonder if other parents have insomniac kids and if so, what they did about it; I wonder if both parents would agree to do this…and more.

I’m going to be relying heavily on Ambien to keep me sane. I’m thinking about our trip this summer. Within 30 days, we’re going to Japan, then France and Spain, then back to the US. Currently, my daughter doesn’t have that option.