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Here's what happens when you mix Reddit and Ambien The Daily

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11.22.2017 | Jennifer Bargeman
Ambien daily
Here's what happens when you mix Reddit and Ambien The Daily

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I was wondering if there was a place that people shared Ambien stories.”

I’m not sure if r/ambien contributed to that or not,” miserlou said. “It appears a little cult following has developed around him.

While finding the subreddit’s entries funny, both moderators strongly urge people not to abuse the drug and to use caution when taking it.

I awoke to find the word ‘Phil’ tagged on almost every surface of the apartment in indelible pen, thousands of times. “As my roommates can attest, it sometimes led to some rather erratic thoughts and behavior. Not a good feeling, and I didn’t get the security deposit back. Apparently while on Ambien, I was incepted with the concept of ‘Phil,’ the name of the new gentleman caller of a roommate, neither of whom I knew particularly well.

I used a projector and drew on them using MS paint and projecting the colored light. It was very fun. “In one post, I have drawings I did of my friends while on Ambien. Fellow moderator eskimozach’s experience, while different, nevertheless led him to the same desire to seek out a community.

On Reddit, users share funny stories and illustrations from their experiences using the prescription drug.

“I was prescribed Ambien briefly for insomnia I had during college,” miserlou told the Daily Dot.

For some people, the drug also induces hallucinations and abnormal behavior, leaving the affected parties with a confusing crime scene once they wake up from their refreshing sleep. That’s just one of the many questionable queries posted on r/ambien, a section of social news site Reddit names for the prescription drug commonly used to treat insomnia.

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“One post a girl baked an entire pie and hid it from herself before bed,” eskimozach recalled.

If you do stay up, draw some pictures and post them on r/ambien!”. “Hide your phone and try to get some sleep. “Be careful, kids,” miserlou said.

Some users choose to write what they are experiencing while under the drug’s effects. Others post examples of what they have woken up to the next day. Submissions to r/ambien are widely varied. Still others come to the subreddit seeking genuine advice and information.

Photo via Bev Sykes /Flickr.

“I think my favorite posts are the artistic ones,” miserlou added. “Ambien seems to bring out an artistic side in people, myself included. ’ This one is also particularly fantastic.”. Usually this is expressed in the form of ‘ scribbling on things.

I just wanted to see what goofy stuff people on Ambien might wander over and post.”

On the subreddit, Ambien’s hallucinogenic properties are commonly referred to as “the walrus,” named for a collection of Toothpaste For Dinner comics.

Moderators miserlou and eskimozach were inspired to activate the subreddit after being on the drug themselves. Since r/ambien’s first post on June 22, 2011, it has grown to over 700 subscribers.

Have your curtains ever laughed at you right before you fell asleep?

Ambien daily