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I'm on Ambien Berkeley

Udocheals.orgOn ambien
8.15.2017 | Logan Miers
On ambien
I'm on Ambien Berkeley

I also take benadryl sometimes. I learned recently that it's the exact same thing as Tylenol PM, but without the Tylenol. Plus, it's cheaper.

I like Ambien since it puts me to sleep quickly and does the job. Had to stop because I kept hearing voices in my head - mostly children laughing and birds screeching. I'd rather cough. I've been sick recently and have been taking a prescription cough syrup with codeine. Not good.

for sleep.now on xanax for anxiety. I was on trazadone for a bit. the traz helped me fall asleep but made my mouth dry so would wake up for water.then foggy in the morning. I now take my xanax to try and sleep.

I made me hallucinate some times too. It was weird but i did sleep better. I would talk (more than I already do) in my sleep.

Without an insurance, what's the best way getting an rx of Xanax?

Wow you guys are a bunch of fucking dope fiends.

diphenhydramine Scary. really, sammy? i didn't think tylenol PM had an antihistamine in it.

Joe G = Scary That hurt. scary.

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Ambien dances with alcohol.

And like ten minutes after I finished, I got an saying someone on the guest list had canceled for the elite event tonight and I was next on the waitlist. says: Did you finish your thesis? __ Sure did. ben h.

I've been medicating myself with one thing or another (ambien, benadryl, melatonin) for the past 5 years. I don't know Suge. I believe it's mental and habitual.

The stuff doesn't work. The only thing is that after you finally fall asleep and wake up the next morning, you feel like you drank a forty. I tried taking a couple.

There are so many things the pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know. Pills should be a last resort when you have tried other ways to fix a problem. The less crap pills you take,the better.

sammy, have you considered that it might be allergies? allergies can cause insomnia.

Try melatonin or advil PM (in moderation). Ambien does nothing for me.

I had so many brusies when taking this.I guess from when I'd walk to the kitchen to get a glass of water.i hit stuff on the way. Dry mouth and groggy in the morning too. That one was the one that made me talk and see/hear things in my sleep. Trazadone! I couldn't think of the name of the other sleeping pill I had taken for a bit.

any yelpers familiar with the stuff?

i don't feed trolls "frank"

jessie - funny thing about this syndrome you speak of - it is entirely responsible for the two talk threads i have going right now.

if no one ansers i think i am going to work on the thesis.

in Humor & Offbeat.

or is that lunesta? something about a metallic slant to the taste. i heard that ambien affects how foods taste.

Do you ever do wacky things while you're asleep?

as long as you stay in bed and try to sleep you will be just fine and wake up with no sleep aid hangover. i personally love ambian, it' s been a godsend for me. i HATED trazadone, it gave me wicked dry mouth and a full blown migraine, some people swear by it though. i have had some very strange experiences when i've woken up a few hours after taking it, including eating an entire box of peanut brittle and leaving messages for people on facebook i never remembered writing- i guess you could call it the ambian "drunk dialing" syndrome.

frankie poo, shouldn't you be catching up on your lord of the rings trilogy? i bet the servers are back up on WOW too! (now i'm just poking the troll for fun, watching him squirm and huff and puff).

funny daniel! it probably took that troll a whole 25 minutes to come up with that retarded nonsensical diatribe.

should i do one of these things?. I could go to sleep right now but I could also stay up and work on my thesis.

I've taken ambien with alcohol. My advice? Don't do it.

2 benadryl? benadryl is the fucking devil.

sammy is a drug addict.

I'm on peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

In the future I'll remember not to turn to Yelp talk threads when I have any vulnerability to expose. Thanks, frank.

Suge, was Joe in your hallucination? scary *pops some xanax*

I am Suge. I've been considering hypnotherapy. Or just having someone around to punch me in the head right before bedtime. A big one.

Ambien has an adverse effect on me...wired me silly and couldn't sleep a wink.

2 Benedryl if you absoluy need to take a med.

Falling asleep (easy---hard) ambien-benadryl-alcohol-melatonin-nature Waking up (easy----hard) nature-ambien-melatonin-benadryl-alcohol Administering solution (fun----boring) ambien-alcohol-benadryl/melatonin-nature. Well, all sleep solutions should be judged on three fronts, and accordingly there are three different hierarchies.

i hallucinated once from benadryl, but often take tylenol PM on planes. interesting. yeah, i just saw that. scary.

Aww you guys are juniors! Step up to the Plate with Vicodin! Good for what ails ya at all times! And when the times get rougher.....OXYCOTIN TIME BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you finish your thesis?

I take it every night. Ambien knocks me out like I've been hit with a hammer. It also makes me snore like a giant man. That's probably not a good thing.

On ambien