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ZOLPIDEM sleep aid tablets and bf Mumsnet Discussion

Udocheals.orgZolpidem sleep aid
7.20.2017 | Noah Becker
Zolpidem sleep aid
ZOLPIDEM sleep aid tablets and bf Mumsnet Discussion

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thanks shona. Sorry you're having a rough time - hope you start to feel better soon.

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Thanks NQC - I have had some traumatic experiences in the last week which have triggered insomnia and panick attacks. I guess as I take the tablet just before going to bed (around 9pm) and then I wake around 5 - 6 am without having to feed in the middle of the night, there won't be much in my blood stream nearly 12 hours later, will there ? I am just a bit paranoid at the mo !. So I am concerned he will cut out more feeds now. I only feed him first thing when he wakes (around 7.30 - 8.00 am), after lunch and bed time. No, haven't noticed any changes in urine. My son and I have a very strong bond and he instantly notices mood changes in me. It is not deliberate, he has cut out feeds gradually all by himself over the past year.

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Are things improving with the insomnia and panic attacks? Do you have a good support network or therapy options to deal with the underlying problem?

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Please l me if you have taken these when bf and whether they had any effect on your milk. I want to give them up asap, and tried not to take them last night but gave in as I was hyperventilating again and not falling asleep. Thanks. I have been taking Zolpidem sleeping tablets for the past 5 nights and concerned they may be affecting my milk supply. They are said to be moderay safe by kellymom.com which I checked before getting them from my GP, but I haven't got a clue whether they could decrease my supply or alter the taste of my milk. DS (2.8 years) has been taking very little bm in the past few days and so I am concerned it may have something to do with the tablets. I don't wish DS to wean now as he is not ready for it.

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I don't think they'd be likely to affect your supply - after 2.8 years of bf, you've no doubt got a rock solid supply anyway. they certainly make urine smell funny. And I'd bet your diet, or mood, or many other things, would have more effect than these pills. (That being said, some say that antibiotics strongly change milk flavour. When are you taking the pills? When are you feeding? Here is a page saying they're fine in bf. does this make your urine smell funny?) What's up that's keeping you from sleeping? Have you tried self-hypnosis sorts of things? Are you being sensible about diet, exercise, and cooling down before sleep?.

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Drug danger in bf reduces a lot as kids get older. No, I don't think there would be much in your blood at all at that point. They aren't developping as much, so are less sensitive to damage, and of course they feed a lot less.

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Thanks NQC for your support - I am getting lots of help and support from dh. I have avoided sleeping tablets ever since pregnant, but this time it was absoluy essential. I have had insomnia most of my life, usually triggered by distress. It passes after a few weeks. It is shock and trauma, so hopefully it will pass with time.

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Bit of a panic - DD talking about.

Zolpidem sleep aid