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Best ambient albums 2015

The 33 Best Albums of 2015

5.9.2017 | Logan Miers

2015. The 33 Best Albums of 2015. THUMP Staff. Dec 10 2015, 9:20am.. Full of pensive ambient textures, much of the record sounds like a microscopic string.

On "Void," empty spaces are left where the Spaceape's growling vocals were supposed to be; another track, "Wu Wei," is named after a Taoist principle espousing non-action. This idea—that nothingness can actually be full of meaning—surfaces again and again on the album, which he made in memory of the Spaceape, who died in October 2014, six months after the passing of DJ Rashad, another one of Goodman's close friends and collaborators.

Mutant is, if anything, a more sensual record. Even on aggressive-sounding tracks like "Vanity," the undeniably human quality of Arca's music comes through even louder than before.

NPR Music's 10 Favorite Electronic Albums Of 2015 NPR

9.13.2017 | Jessica MacAdam

There is no best, but these are the albums that moved us in 2015. Aftertouches is a bumper crop of ambient classical pieces that explore the.

Since its debut release in 2012, North England's Opal Tapes has become invaluable to the global community, identifying techno-minded artists ready to take a next creative step and then granting them a platform to do so. God Is Change shifts no stylistic paradigms — its fierce hardware beats are at home in UR's Detroit, Tresor's Berlin, and the district of Sandwell— but it does gloriously uphold a kind of gospel that best not disappear. In 2015, Oakland's Russell Ellington Langston Butler took that step, and American techno traditionalists got themselves a great tough album.

Safe In Harbour is available now on Perlon.

God Is Change is available now on Opal Tapes.

Though the dance-music world is as splintered as the rest of the pop universe — maybe more so — it is fair to say that Hun Choi's long-awaited debut album served as a consensus for traditionalists in search of (relatively) new heroes.

ACL 2015 Top Ten Ambient a closer listen

8.12.2017 | Logan Blare

An ambient album can succeed, yet in so doing, fail to succeed ~ a bittersweet irony. The year's best ambient albums made an impression by.

(Richard Allen). The highlight disc is not enough to grasp the full effect, or the sheer magnitude of the work. If this is to be Richter’s magnum opus, he can be proud of what he has accomplished. Forget the articles you’ve read about the record-setting length; this is solid music and deserves to be considered as such. Max Richter ~ Sleep (Deutsche Grammophon) I often wonder how many people have listened to the eight-hour version of Sleep.

Review and purchase link.

Review and purchase link.

The results are languid and lovely, just what one might expect from the title.

The 50 Best Albums Of 2015, As Voted By The Post-rock Community

7.11.2017 | Jessica MacAdam

Presenting the 50 best post/instrumental/experimental rock albums of 2015, as *See also: The 10 Best New Bands Of 2015, As Voted By The.

Everything is by Besides.

This just goes to show not enough people heard Dumbsaint’s Panorama in Ten Pieces.

Wrong youtube links.Please fix it guys.

Here it is, the 50 best (post/instrumental/experimental rock) albums of 2015, as voted by the post-rock community.

Small correction needed: The American Dollar’s hometown is actually Queens, New York.

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The Hollows by Sky Architects.

In the Depths of Time, In an Ocean Made of Stars by Elara.

Leave Me No Light by April Rain.

Thresholds by Winter Dust Woum by Cloudkicker Iridescent by Majora.

Dust And Disquiet by Caspian.

Atlas Hands by GrimLake Colours by Vasa.

Shipwrecks (EP) by Shipwrecks.

Come Morning, A Radiant Light by Coastlands.

USSR 1926 by We Stood Like Kings.

Yield to Despair by Tangled Thoughts of Leaving.

Quintessential Ephemera by Rosetta.

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Atheistʼs Cornea by Envy.

In Silence We Yearn by Oh Hiroshima.

The Setting of the Old Sun by Compass & Knife.

Tomorrow Without You by He Heard Footsteps Doomina by Doomina.

James by Lowercase Noises.

Pacific by We Deserve This.


20 Best Avant Albums of 2015 Rolling Stone

11.15.2017 | Logan Miers
Best ambient albums 2015

The year's best in noise, out-jazz, contemporary classical, ambient, drone and more.

The year's best in noise, out-jazz, contemporary classical, ambient, drone and more.

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On the fringes of 2015, great experimental statements were made from Brooklyn bands, drone icons and one Academy Award winning actor. What is this?.

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