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Best ambient music artists

Best ambient albums Fluttery Records

8.21.2017 | Logan Blare

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It’s for the listener to decide. As the cover by master watercolorist Joe Cartwright seems to suggest, Mirakler is a study of light. The light outside and the light within. The light of extraordinary events or maybe the simple joy of a summer evening on a small seaside town. The light JMW Turner so incessantly pursued in his paintings.

Okada label debut is even beyond that, it has already become one of our favourites of ambient & electro­acoustic genres.

10 Great 2016 AmbientElectronic Albums

7.20.2017 | Jessica MacAdam

Here in alphabetical order by artist are 10 especially great albums from In many ways Daniel Lanois finally this year released the album his.

Sharing credit are Nick Anderson on occasional French horn (bringing to mind Ingram Marshall’s stay “Fog Tropes”), synthesizer player Joshua Stevenson, and a vocal sample of Ashley Pitre. (6) Loscil — Monument Builders (Kranky) The prolific Scott Morgan, who performs and records as Loscil, unfolds one forbidding techno-schooled, minimalism-informed soundscape after another, sometimes shot through with an urgent momentum, often left to their own artfully bleak devices.

• My book on Aphex Twin's landmark 1994 album, Selected Ambient Works Vol.

Best Ambient Music Of All Time ( Top 25 )

11.24.2017 | Logan Miers

Read on for some tasty ambient music recommendations and great ambient music artists from Mr Darktremor but bear in mind this list was.

This is just an amazing list, and i thnk my top25 trance songs of all time will fit perfectly in this.

Great for falling asleep to. When I search I never can find it. I am looking for an ambient disc that I heard around 1995. the most chill tape I ever heard. My friend had this on cassette, as I recall the cassette said, Tripping in Space Whitehead. It had lots of nice ambient music and then conversations would fade in and out, like people sitting an and having tea, sounds of traveling sometimes like you were on a train.the whole thing was like a journey around a city.

AmbientMusic Voted Your Top 25 Ambient Albums ambientmusic

12.25.2017 | Logan Blare

So here it is, the top 25 ambient albums as voted by all you great people. Here we have top albums, singles and artists which are a great little resource to find out the more known Best Album of 2015 · Best Singles of 2015.

Seriously, no Eluvium? His Static Nocturne and Talk Amongst the Trees albums are magical.

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Not one Tangerine Dream? Honestly?

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AmbientMusic Voted Your Top 25 Ambient Albums ( self.ambientmusic ).

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Any particular album? Not listened to Schnauss in a year or two.

Listen to a continuous stream of all the tracks here with Reddit Playlister.

Here we have top albums, singles and artists which are a great little resource to find out the more known ambient music.

The 10 best ambient tracks, according to The Orb Dummy Mag

10.23.2017 | Logan Blare

Legendary ambient act celebrate 25 years by looking back at their The best ever marimba music you will witness, and it's perfect for birthing.

One of British techno's all-time-greats picks his favourite tracks of all time from the genre.

Mr Bassline himself digs out a bagful of classic tracks and upfront cuts.

Slow, swarming techno from two of German pop-ambient's fiercest proponents is nothing short of essential.

Fuck Buttons' John Power has a new Blanck Mass album coming out and he did us a Ten Best to mark the occasion.

From Bangaltar to Bradock, read a list of the 10 best house and techno tracks from France.

The invincible masters of ambient house mark their return to Kompakt with a mix for midnight listening, that will whisk you off into some other-worldly realm of mood-swept and trippy chillout.

David Eliza Palermo's new age hold music is like Boards Of Canada's 'Geogaddi' smoking a blunt with Little Fluffy Clouds.

Experimental, electronic pop duo The Golden Filter celebrate releasing their new album on Optimo Music by choosing their ten favourite tracks on the label.

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