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Best ambient artists

10 Essential Ambient Albums

7.13.2017 | Jennifer Bargeman

Tangerine Dream Zeit best ambient albums. Where many ambient artists create music based around waves, pulses, noise or merely gentle.

While Fennesz’s version of an Endless Summer bears no resemblance to that as idealized by the Beach Boys, it’s still an attractive ideal, hypnotic clicks and buzzes mingling with gentle acoustic guitar plucks and plinks of vibraphone. Christian Fennesz has a history of changing his aesthetic approach from release to release, his noisier glitch beginnings eventually giving way to more haunting textures. Squint really hard and you can even see waves crashing on the shore. The meeting place between these poles, Endless Summer, found a harmonious bridge between the click and whir of glitch electronica and gentle ambience, with a little bit of exotica thrown in for color.

Ambient - 50 Best Albums - Music

4.10.2017 | Logan Miers

Most of the reaction from ambient artists is fairly negative of the whole It's like saying "the 50 best rock albums", and that includes stuff from.

Not sure I like that much ambient stuff tbh but I am increasingly finding I like stuff that gets described as drone/ambient (basically stuff I've come to via Grouper, who I adore).

It's passable. The list seems good.

Some obvious but right choices otherwise I guess like Stars of the Lid, Eno, Aphex etc. Not sure in a list of only 50 that 2 Oneohtrix albums should make the grade. There's definiy some LPs from the 70s and 80s in there I don't really know so appreciate the list for that.

Whatever else is in here, the list is definitively wrong!.

5 Best Ambient Albums for Yoga

3.9.2017 | Logan Miers

The best ambient albums for yoga, meditation, pranayama, visualization and Ambient artists destroy the paradigm of yoga music by having no.

We have evolved from inorganic matter to the first tree in a soon to be filled forest. The end of the album ends on a happy note. The title is Betula Pendula which represents the new tree that we have grown. Flytta Dig represents the transcendence out of the old addictions and the liberation we gain from that.

The best ambient albums for yoga are masterpieces that transcend the religious music of yoga. Ambient artists destroy the paradigm of yoga music by having no boundaries on their work.

Who are some of your favorite (beatless) ambient artists? ambient

9.15.2017 | Logan Miers

I'm sick of trying to find new ambient artists and having google or last.fm pull up postrock or artists who (perdition city is the best ulver album).

Brian Eno & Robert Fripp Continuum Oophoi.

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Hammock has a few good albums.

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Stars of the lid.

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Encounter: A Journey In The Key of Space) especially so because of the cinematic-esque nature of the tones and atmospheres Michael creates.

Who are the best ambient artists on bandcamp? ambientmusic

10.16.2017 | Jennifer Bargeman

AMBIENT RULES. If your link has been posted before, check how long ago, if more than 3 months, please feel free to post again. Always.

I've actually been listening to a lot of 2814 recently, I'll check him out.

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epath is the more ambient of the 2.