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Drug interactions checker

Drug Interactions Checker

11.28.2017 | Noah Becker

Check for drug interactions and learn what drug combinations to avoid with the RxList drug interaction checker tool.

An increase in the activity of these enzymes leads to a decrease in the concentration and effect of an administered drug. The cytochrome P450 enzymes are a group of enzymes in the liver that are responsible for the metabolism of most drugs. Conversely, a decrease in enzyme activity leads to an increase in drug concentration and effect. Metabolism of drugs is the process through which the body converts (alters or modifies) drugs into forms that are more or less active (for example, by converting drugs that are given in inactive forms into their active forms that actually produce the desired effect) or that are easier for the body to eliminate through the kidneys.

Drug Interactions Checker

3.20.2017 | Nathan Becker

Check for multi-drug interactions including alcohol, food, supplements & diseases. Includes detailed reports for both patients and health professionals.

Some medications may be better absorbed if taken with food or may have more favorable blood levels if taken with other medications that affect metabolic enzymes. Not all drug interactions are bad.

Taking a medication that was prescribed for someone else or bought off of the Internet can be dangerous, too and lead to unexpected drug interactions. Avoid these practices.

Most drug interactions are not serious, but because a few are, it is important to understand the possible outcome before you take your medications.

Drug Interaction Checker

12.29.2017 | Jessica MacAdam

This tool may not cover all possible drug interactions. Please check with a physician if you have health questions or concerns. Although we attempt to provide.

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Significant: Potential for significant interaction (monitoring by your doctor is likely required).

Contraindicated: Never use this combination of drugs because of high risk for dangerous interaction.

A: You can enter up to 30 medications however the results returned reflect only interactions between pairs of drugs and do not reflect interactions or incompatibilities arising from combinations of more than two drugs at a time.

Drug Interaction Checker

9.26.2017 | Logan Blare
Drug interactions checker

DRUG INTERACTION CHECKER. Enter any list of prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, herbals and supplements to see how they interact with each other.

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Multi-Drug Interaction Checker

10.27.2017 | Logan Miers
Drug interactions checker

Enter a drug, OTC or herbal supplement: Drug Interaction Checker or OTC drugs, and herbal supplements; Add a full drug regimen and view interactions.