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Heaven For An ADDer Child ADHD Information

Udocheals.orgAmbien to sleep after adderall
6.13.2017 | Jennifer Bargeman
Ambien to sleep after adderall
Heaven For An ADDer Child ADHD Information

Does anyone else take stimulant meds very late in the afternoon? I take Adderall - between 30 to 45 mgs per day. So I take my first dose (20+/-mgs) around lunchtime and then the next dose much later than the recommended time - like about 5:00pm. Usually I find I need to function the most after 2:00 pm and later.

I DO take a chewable 'children's' benedryl at night sometimes. I'm trying to cut down on the evening Adderal doses but it's difficult. Thanks for the info. I average 30 mgs /day but sometimes will add an extra 15mgs (half a tablet) in the late afternoon. Other times it's the sleep aid Ambien or Diazepam. Seems to depend on how much Adderall I've taken in total during the day.

We had the problem that when he was able to get off to sleep until well after midnight. My son takes Zoloft each morning and QR Ritalin with the last dose at 4:30pm. Without it, he doesn't function.

Since you mention wanting to exercise, I've noticed that exercising works Adderall out of my system pretty darn well--so try exercising right before bed and you may find your solution!

I disagree with dropping anxiety meds - anxiety is a co-existing disorder. Without zoloft my 14 year old can't function- he is so restless and paranoid. Yes exercise is great but no amount of exercise would cure his panic attacks and stress. Hi Ladychaos.

You were nice about it tho. Always good to know there's someone out there ready to kick someone's booty who needs it.

The tiniest bit makes him tired and he goes into a wonderful sleep at 9:00 pm. To counteract this he is on avanza - mirtazine. Sleep depreviation causes the ADHD and anxiety symptoms to worsen. It is wonderful because he wakes up refreshed.

AcK! Thanks all. This is rediculous. Ugh. I hafta just change my tune way around 'cause the mornings HURT like hell sometimes when I wake up hard and need more sleep. Right now my time is 12:40 am and I'm still awake and DON'T WANT TO BE!! But I'm feeling the affects of the other meds. But the days have to go on with those two sets of beautiful blue eyes looking at me, waiting for juice and breakfast and attention. I'm tired. So I'll try again to go to bed! Siighhhhhhh.

I'm going on a mini vacation for 3 days this month and have no need to take the meds with me, so I think it's a good opportunity to start over.

The rebound with Dex left me very irritable however. Sometimes it's so dang hard because I am easily dependent on the Adderall and lay I'm finding it difficult to do the "drug holidays" as well. Adderall is not as bad but I hate the fact that I'm up to sometimes 45mgs a day. Just a few years ago when I was first diagnosed I was prescribed Dexedrine and I remember taking only 5 mg's which would be enough for the morning.

I take Adderall and do take it late in the day, and i am starting with a new anti-anxiety / sleep aid medication call hydroxyzine pamoate, it has sedative effects that are not as strong an benzodiazepines but also is not nearly as addictive, although this medication is recommended to take less than 4 months.

so prior to dinnertime, I take a small amount of diazepam (5 mgs) for the anxiety, and to sleep I take Ambien before bedtime. This obviously has caused some evening anxiety and sleep issues. This combination works very well for me and seems to 'cut' through any affects of my late dose of Adderall.

i have been taking it for only 1 week but it seems to take away the need for ambien and xanex. good luck Hi. Also bandryl is available OTC and is good enough for some people to be a sedative and reduce the crash after taking stimulants.

Then there's the times they just don't want to go with me!! So It's a daily thing. Just gotta get them trained! It's time. Period. frustrating though. Anyhoo, I appreciate your response. I just have to get the girls (6 & 4) outta bed, fed and moving along.

Any opinions would be welcome.

A number of folks use meletonin to aid in falling to sleep and you'll find several threads on that here too.

Hello!. Anyone with medication / exercise combo specific information would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hmmm, a concern is - Since Adderall itself brings the heart rate up, would exercise on top of that be dangerous? Over taxing my heart?. So it's good to know exercise helps eliminate it from the body. Yes, I'm taking regular Adderall.

My husband is a farmer and gets up at least by 5:00 am - works all day in our wonderful heat!! (104 today!!) and is exhausted when he comes home. So my presence is necessary for quality family time and 'connection'.

Good luck! Hi Liouxie. If you take a daily 30 to 40 minute walk, it does wonders for the adhd symptoms. I would remove the anxiety and the sleeping pills and exercise instead. but I think you need to stop taking so many meds and if your adhd is that bad, just stick with the stimulant, but at a lower dose. You know what that reminds me of? What Judy Garland and Elvis did. Up pills and then down pills. I'm no Dr.

I've never asked my doc this question but I assume it wouldn't be a problem, all things considered. I also have normally low blood pressure. I am pretty healthy, within my weight range (although pretty out of shape) and I have NO heart condition whatsoever.

I have been doing a lot of thinking. Conciously and subconciously I know this is unhealthy. I know exercise helps tremendously and I've gotta get back to it. You're totally right and I realize it's time for me to get my head outta my butt and start moving again. School is almost out for my 2 girls and I will have more flexible time for some reorganization and a much needed change of lifestyle.

My desired excercise routine is walking - a LOT. However I've always excercised in the mornings, when I have the best energy and am ready to go!. We have a large pear ranch and there's lots of land to walk on.

I would love to exercise in the late afternoon and get on with the remainder of my evening without any additional medication. But afternoons are when I need most of my energy when my family all comes together so I spend time with my daughters and help them with homework, make time for my husband, make dinner, etc. That would be great. So I'm cautiously experimenting with the other medications AND trying to get in more excercise.

I assume you're taking Adderall, not Adderall XR, in late afternoon or evening.

Thanks again, I appreciate your response.

I just have to be very very conservative. Love the name. Thank you for your valuable input. I'll have to ask around about a sleep aid that's not as addictive as Ambien but I still have about 40 pills left and plenty of Valium too. It's my life most of the time.

I was wondering if anyone else takes their stimulant meds late in the day and if so, what you do to counter the affects? I don't do this every day but enough to be concerned about the other drug's dependency.

Ambien to sleep after adderall