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Slang names for drugs

Drug slang what police must learn A to B

12.16.2017 | Logan Blare

Police officers are being issued with a list of almost 3000 slang words and phrases associated with illegal drugs, in order to stay one step.

We celebrate and remember the culture stars who have passed away in 2016.

BROWN RHINE - heroin.

8:00AM GMT 08 Nov 2009.

BANGING - under influence of drugs.

BLUE DEVIL - barbiturates.

BLOW BLUE - to inhale cocaine.

BELTED - under the influence of drugs.

BLUE HEAVEN - amytal, also refers to LSD.

BLACK ROCK - cannabis crack.

BOOST AND SHOOT - steal to support a habit.

BAM - depressant; amphetamine BAMBA - marijuana BAMBALACHA - marijuana.

BALL - crack; also Mexican black tar heroin.

BOO BOO BAMA - marijuana.

BEIGING - chemically altering cocaine to make it appear a higher purity or to make it look brown BELLADONNA - PCP.

BIG O - opium.

BOOK - 100 dosage units of LSD BOOM - marijuana BOOMERS - psilocybin BOOMERS - psilocin BOOMERS - LSD.



AIRHEAD - marijuana user AIRPLANE - marijuana.

BLOW A SHOT - injection misses the vein and is wasted.


BROWN TAPE - heroin.

BLOTTER - LSD impregnated in paper.

BOOST - to inject a drug, also refers to crack.

AC/DC - codeine cough syrup.

ASTRO TURF - marijuana.

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BACKDOOR - residue left in a pipe.

AIMIES - amphetamine; also amyl nitrite.

BURN THE MAIN LINE - to inject a drug.

BUGGER - black tar heroin.

BIG RUSH - cocaine.

BUGGED - annoyed or be covered with sores and abscesses.


BAZOOKA - crack; also refers to crack and tobacco combined in a joint BAZULCO - cocaine.

BURNED OUT - collapse of veins from repeated injections.

BLACK PEARL - heroin.


ATOM BOMB - marijuana and heroin ATSHITSHI - marijuana.

BIG HARRY - heroin.

BLUNT - marijuana inside a cigar, also cocaine and marijuana inside a cigar BO - marijuana BO-BO - marijuana BOAT - PCP BOBO - crack.

BLACK ROCK - crack.

BASUCO - coca paste residue sprinkled on cigarette.

BLANKS - low quality drugs.

APPLE JACKS - crack ARIES - heroin.

BINGERS - crack addicts.

BING - enough of a drug for one injection.

BENS - amphetamine, also refers to MDMA BENT - addicted BENZ - benzedrine BERICK - speed/amphetamine BERNICE - cocaine BERNIE - cocaine.

BLUE SKY BLOND - high potency marijuana from Colombia.

BURNED OUT - permanent impairment from drug abuse BURNESE - cocaine BURNIE - marijuana.


Drugs slang: what police must learn C to D.

ACID FREAK - heavy user of LSD.

BAD GO - bad reaction to a drug.

BLACK BIRDS - amphetamine.

BUBBLE GUM - coca paste; also refers to cocaine or crack.

BASE - coca paste BASE - cocaine BASE - crack BASEBALL - crack.

BANANO - marijuana or tobacco cigarettes laced with cocaine.

BILLIE HOKE - cocaine BILLY - amphetamine.

BITE ONE’S LIPS - to smoke marijuana.

BARR - codeine cough syrup BARRELS - LSD.

BELT - effects of drugs.

BEAT ARTIST - person selling bogus drugs.

BERNIE’S GOLD DUST - cocaine BHANG - cannabis.

BAD ROCK - crack.

BOOT THE GONG - to smoke marijuana.

BLACK TAR - heroin.

BEAT - to swindle someone out of drugs or money.

BURN ONE - to smoke marijuana.

BIG BROWN ONES - ecstasy.

AUNTI EMMA - opium.

BLIM - small piece of cannabis.

BRAIN TICKLERS - amphetamine BRANDY - heroin.

BLUE SAGE - marijuana.

BAD TRIP - horrible, frightening hallucinations.

BOGART A JOINT - salivate on a marijuana cigarette or refuse to share.

B - small amount of marijuana.

BIG 8 - 1/8 kilogram of crack.

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BLUE VIALS - LSD BLUES - diazepam BLUES - drinamyl BLUES - diethylpropion.

BURN - cheat someone out of drugs or drug money.

BANK BANDIT PILLS - depressant.

BLOCKED - under influence of drugs BLOCKERS - barbiturates BLONDE - cannabis.

BOMB - high potency heroin.


BEDBUGS - fellow addicts.

BOLASTERONE - injectable steroids.


BLOWING SMOKE - marijuana BLOWOUT - crack.

Police to speak drugs slang.

BOLT - isobutyl nitrite, or amphetamine BOMB - crack BOMB - heroin.

BRING UP - ready a vein for injection.

BLUE BIRDS - depressant.

BLOW A FIX - injection misses the vein and is wasted.


BINDLE - a number of decks fastened together.

ACIDHEAD - an abuser of LSD.

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BAD BUNDLE - inferior quality heroin BAD - crack.

BUSINESSMAN’S SPECIAL - dimethyltryptamine.

BLACK BEAUTIES - amphetamine.

BLAST A JOINT - to smoke cannabis.

BAG MAN - drug supplier.

BLOW - to inhale cocaine.

AUTHOR - doctor who writes illegal prescriptions B.

BOTTLES - crack vials; also refers to amphetamine BOUBOU - crack.

BLACK GUNGI - marijuana from India.

BARGAIN BASEMENT - amphetamine BAR - cannabis.

BUZZ - effect induced by taking drugs.

BLACK - cannabis resin.

BLACK PILL - opium pill.

BERNIE’S FLAKES - cocaine.

BRIEF - warrant to arrest or search BROCCOLI - marijuana BROJA - heroin.

BINGO - to inject a drug BINGS - crack BIRDHEAD - LSD.

BAG OF BILLY - amphetamine.

BEAMER - crack user.

Friday 07 July 2017 By Jasper Copping.

BLACK RUSSIAN - cannabis resin; also refers to opium mixed with hashish.

BRIDGE UP - ready a vein for injection.

BLACK HASH - opium and hashish.

BILL BLASS - crack.

BLANK - container of non-narcotic powder sold as heroin.

BABY HABIT - occasional use of drugs.

BUFFER - crack smoker or a woman who exchanges sex for crack.

BEAST - LSD, also refers to heroin.

BOOT - to inject a drug.

BIG FLAKE - cocaine.

BLUE DE HUE - marijuana from Vietnam.

AMP HEAD - LSD user.

BLOW UP - crack cut to increase size and / or weight BLUE - diethylpropion.

BLACK CADILLACS - amphetamine.

BREWERY - place where drugs are made.

BIG 'C’ - cocaine.


BOMBITA - amphetamine, also refers to heroin BOMBITA - methylamphetamine.

BUSH - cannabis; can also refer to PCP.

BLOW COKE - to inhale cocaine.

BIKER’S COFFEE - methamphetamine & coffee.

A-BOMB - marijuana cigarette with heroin or opium.


ANATROFIN - injectable steroids.

BUMMER - unsettling experience from LSD.

AROMA - isobutyl nitrite.

AMPED - high on amphetamines.

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BIG MAN - drug supplier.


BODY STUFFER - person who ingests crack vials to avoid prosecution.

AFGHAN BLACK - type of cannabis resin.



BEAMERS - crack cocaine.

BULLET - capsule; also refers to isobutyl nitrite or inhalants.

BEANS - amphetamine, also refers to crack, mescaline or depressants.

BLACK GOLD - high potency marijuana.

BLACK GANGA - marijuana resin.

BLOW - to smoke cannabis or crack.

BRICK GUM - heroin.

BLUE HEAVENS - alkyl nitrites.

BOMBS AWAY - heroin BONE - marijuana BONECRUSHER - crack BONES - crack.

AMPED-OUT - fatigue after using amphetamine AMPH - amphetamine AMPHETS - amphetamine AMT - dimethyltryptamine.

BLOWJOB - to smoke a cannabis reefer.

BIG H - heroin.

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BABY BHANG - marijuana.

ABBEY HABIT - amphetamine ABBOTTS - barbiturates.

BURNED - to receive bad drugs.

BLACK AND WHITE - amphetamine or ecstasy.

BUDS - alkyl nitrite BUFF - money.

BOULDER - large rock of crack BOULYA - crack.

BELUSHI - cocaine and heroin.

ARTILLERY - addicts equipment - syringe etc ASHES - marijuana.

BONG - pipe used to smoke marijuana BONITA - heroin.

BEHIND THE SCALE - to weigh and sell cocaine.

AROMA OF MEN - isobutyl nitrite.

BUNK - fake cocaine BURESE - cocaine BURGERS - ecstasy.

BEAM ME UP SCOTTIE - cocaine & PCP mix.

BLUE BAG - heroin.

BLUE TIPS - barbiturates.


BLUE CLOUDS - Amytal capsules.

Drugs slang: what police must learn - R to Z A - LSD A1 - amphetamine.

BOOTED - under the influence of drugs.

BROWN SUGAR - heroin.

One hundred whip-smart wisecracks.

BENDER - drug orgy BENNIE - amphetamine BENNIES - benzedrine.

BLANKET - marijuana cigarette.

BIZ - equipment for injecting, also refers to a bag or portion of drugs BJs - crack.

BLUE BULLETS - barbiturates.

ALL AMERICAN DRUG - cocaine ALPHA-ET - alpha-ethyltryptamine.


BALEARIC - house music which is not heavy, more melodic BALE - marijuana.

BLUE DOLLS - barbiturates.

BANANAS - temazepam capsules (not now legally available in UK).

BLASTED - under influence of drugs BLAW - cannabis.

BRAIN PILLS - amphetamine.

BLOW A STICK - smoke cannabis.

BLAST - to smoke cannabis.

A A - amphetamine.

Slang Names for Drugs

8.12.2017 | Logan Blare

Opana often comes in an octagon-shaped pill. Slang names for drugs often come from their shape, consistency, or color. Heroin often comes in a powder and may be white or brown, or it may come in a sticky black substance, hence the name tar. Its color depends on the dose, so it can be referred to by multiple different color names.

Slang terms for stimulants include:

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that around 15 percent of all Americans over the age of 12 have used a hallucinogenic drug at least once in their lifetimes.

Slang Names for Drugs

7.11.2017 | Jennifer Bargeman

Club drug slang terms include: MDMA (ecstasy): X, E, E-bombs, Molly, malcolm X, adam, love drug, hug drug, candy, beans, sweets, egg rolls, doves, disco biscuits, dancing shoes, happy pills, thizz, vowels. Ketamine: K, special K, super K, vitamin K, kit kat, cat valium, cat tranquilizers, purple, jet.

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Many young people report being able to find prescription opioids in family members’ medicine cabinets or simply being given the drugs by family and friends. It’s been estimated that 2.1 million people in the US alone were addicted to prescription opioids in the year 2012, according to a report by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Teen Drug Slang Dictionary for Parents

3.7.2017 | Logan Miers

Understanding drug lingo gives parents a key tool in monitoring their teens for drug abuse. That's why WebMD went directly to the experts on the front lines of teen drug abuse to get a better handle on the today's teenage drug slang. More Teen Drug Use Terms.

Syrup heads: Users of DXM.

Synonyms include Big H, brown sugar, dope, golden girls, H, horse, junk, poison, skag, smack, sweet dreams, tar, and train, according to the web site of Phoenix House, a national alcohol and drug abuse treatment and prevention facility. Antifreeze: Heroin.

That's why WebMD went directly to the experts on the front lines of teen drug abuse to get a better handle on the today's teenage drug slang.

When it comes to teens and drugs, "You will never know everything, but you don’t want your kids to think you are an idiot," Styer says.

What You Need to Know About Common Drug Slang 12 Keys Rehab

5.9.2017 | Logan Miers

Developing lingo for drugs to avoid being discovered is a common practice. Here are the most popular club drugs and their street names:.

It is illegal to buy or sell prescription medicine. Many offenders believe they are not engaging in illegal activities when buying or possessing these substances, but that isn’t the case. Drug abuse is not limited to illegal drugs; over the counter medicine and prescription drugs are misused and abused at alarming rates. The substances in prescription medicine, when taken at higher doses, mimic the effects of street drugs for a lot less money.

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Here is some drug slang parents should know refers to cold medicines:

If you suspect your child or loved one is using drugs, contact 12 Keys.