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Xanax and sleeping

Udocheals.orgXanax for sleep anxiety
12.18.2017 | Logan Miers
Xanax for sleep anxiety
Xanax and sleeping

-Dill. Have a good one. Thanks.

A tingling in my head or headache becomes a fear of a brain tumor or stroke or lesion or something!

Keep posting and also read some past posts and information that will hopefully be helpful to you!

The post that you replied to is like 3 years old so I am not sure that you will receive a reply from that person specifically.

A phantom pang becomes a fear of cancer.

I have really "deep" dreams that feel so real that it's hard to l whether they are actually dreams or not. It's deep undisturbed sleep, but it's not restful sleep. My fiance has told me about me getting up in my sleep and doing things like walking to get water or use the restroom - but I can't remember doing anything! You'd think deep sleep like this would leave me feeling "well rested" - but it doesn't!. Because of this -- when I wake up after sleeping for hours and hours I feel like I haven't slept at all. When I take Xanax before bed I feel like I can sleep for half a day or more (and I have!).

Welcome to the group!

I take. I generally take a single. 25 tablet for random panic manifestations during the daylight hours. -Dill =]. 25 tablet when I panic at night, but save the other. 5 mg as needed. 25 to.

I could not stand, however, dry heaving for 12+ hours from feeling constantly nauseated!

When I get panicky though, i take two tablets. What is your prescription?? It's possible that they might have given you a heavy dose. I hope this helps. I take a. I don't really get all drowsy like I used to when I first started taking xanax, but if the sleepiness is bothering you, perhaps you should consult with your doctor about taking a different prescription. If your body is adjusting to the medication, it might make you feel really sleepy. 5mg tablet and that's enough to help me through the night.

You are not alone!

The "zaps" were a trigger for more attacks.

For me....Xanax good - Zoloft bad!

Does anyone else have this issue with Xanax and sleeping? I know some people take it as a sleep aid, but it doesn't seem like it's worth the fatigue and lack of real sleep to me. Anyone? Anyone?.

This is a great group that is supportive and understanding!

A cramp becomes a fear of an impending stroke.

Xanax for sleep anxiety