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What to do if you accidentally take a sleeping pill

How many beers before sleeping pills are dangerous?

12.20.2017 | Jessica MacAdam

If I'm alive obv. How long does it take you after you take a sleeping pill before you go to sleep. I can be out in like 10 minutes if I do it right.

WOCPoker 03:56:43 @ToddBrunson You're a bird.

i've read that alcohol + sleeping pills is the drug combo responsible for the most deaths, way more than heroin+speed or any other combo NC United States.

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I accidently took 3 sleeping pills (temazepam) I tried to

7.15.2017 | Noah Becker

I accidently took 3 sleeping pills (temazepam) I tried to - Answered by a verified If you do not have someone with you to assist you should notify an ambulance immediay. Then you can take the proper dose and go to bed immediay.


It is important to get these capsules out of the system.

It was possible even with only a few pills to stop breathing so this is a very dangerous situation and if you were with medical professionals this would have made the difference between life and death. I'm glad it worked out in this case. I'm glad to hear that you are ok. Unfortunay, sometimes the questions are delayed being published to all the experts in the category so it has to "time out" before it is moved. I answered immediay knowing that you had little time to respond before the medication was going to take effect.

Overdose on Sleeping Pills - Sleep Disorders

4.12.2017 | Logan Miers

An overdose on sleeping pills happens when you take more than the number of Sleeping pills do not treat the causes of insomnia; they are simply a means to.

Sleeping pills typically last six to seven hours and are not intended to make you sleep forever. In addition, taking more pills than the amount intended does not make you sleep longer or better. The likelihood is you'll end up feeling daytime fatigue and other adverse side effects, rather than getting a good night's rest.

An overdose is never a good idea, as this action can lead to medical complications, including liver failure and brain damage. Sleeping pills are safe for many people when taken as directed, but when combined with other substances or taken without medical guidance, an overdose can possibly lead to death and may be a sign of suicidal tendencies.

It is also wise to talk to your doctor about any concerns regarding overdose, becoming addicted to pills or combining pills with other drugs.

That Time I Took A Sleeping Pill Instead Of My Vitamins

3.11.2017 | Noah Becker

It's just over the counter pills, and I only take half a dose to make my brain You see, apparently when I take sleeping meds it totally nullifies my neck muscles.

Let me repeat that: I opened the wrong cabinet.

In the end I figured, I can just counter-act the pill with caffine right? It’s not like I take prescription sleeping meds. I can totally do this!. It’s just over the counter pills, and I only take half a dose to make my brain shut off long enough for me to pass out.

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Dog swallowed a sleeping pill - Lifestyle & Off Topic

6.14.2017 | Logan Miers

When i got the bottle out I was getting ready to take it but it slipped Was it a prescription sleeping pill or something you purchased over the counter If it was a prescription sleeping pill I still do not think it would be a problem.

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My dog ate 12 oz bar of bakers chocolate once and it did not even make him sick and 4oz is supposed to kill a dog. I think your dog will be fine. I remember those we gave them to every dog we ever had. However we had this one bloodhound and when we gave her it was like speed.

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They will l you whether to bring it in or if its not a big deal.