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Ambient Temperature Definition & Range

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7.18.2017 | Logan Blare
Ambient temperature definition
Ambient Temperature Definition & Range

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In more extreme cases, where servers are damaged due to overheating, the data can be lost. Server downtime can cause frustration to those trying to access the data. The servers that store this data must be held in a temperature controlled environment. Typically this environment is humidity and temperature controlled so that the servers can operate at maximum efficiency. This data is kept on servers around the world and is available at the click of a button. The effect of excessive heat on servers and computer equipment can be catastrophic. In today's high tech environment, computers and data are stored in the cloud and this tends to run our lives.

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Another way to say this is the ambient temperature is the same as the surrounding air temperature. Depending on where you live you may experience how uncomfortable it can be when there is high humidity or even a strong wind chill. When talking about weather, the ambient temperature is the same as the current air temperature. Keep in mind that the humidity and wind may also change how the outside temperature 'feels', but they do not change the actual temperature reading.

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The definition of the word ambient is existing in or present in the surrounding area. How this is applied depends on a variety of factors.

The temperature of an air conditioned room can also be considered ambient temperature. The typical definition of room temperature is the temperature at which most people are comfortable in a temperature controlled environment. This varies from person to person, but it is somewhere between 68 and 77 degrees F on average. Since no one can control the surrounding air temperature outside, let's review a type of air temperature that can be controlled. I set my air conditioner at 70 degrees F. The temperature setting that is comfortable for an individual may fluctuate with humidity and outside temperature as well. This would be considered the room temperature in my house.

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The definition of the word ambient is present in the surrounding area. When you are setting your air conditioning or heater in your home, ambient temperature can also be called room temperature. When discussing the weather, the ambient temperature is merely the outside air temperature. In this lesson we learned that ambient temperature can be defined in several ways. So the next time you feel like the room temperature is too cold, all you need to do is adjust the ambient temperature in the room and you will be warmer. In a server room, the ambient temperature is typically controlled between 68 and 71 degrees F.

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The temperature is controlled in this room to 68 degrees F. Let's say that I live in Arizona. Which one is considered the ambient temperature? Well, in a certain sense all three can be defined as the ambient temperature of the environment, my home, or a server room. In the summer, it might be 110 degrees Fahrenheit (F) outside. However, I set the temperature of my home air conditioner at a cool 70 degrees F. Being a computer technician, I spend most of my time working on a computer inside a temperature controlled server room.

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Much of this responsibility centers on ensuring that the temperature of the server room is in the optimal range of 68 to 71 degrees F. If the temperature exceeds 71 degrees, the server speed can be affected and the data can be lost. So what is the optimal ambient temperature for a server room? This ambient temperature is thought to have a tight range and is often strictly controlled between 68 and 71 degrees F. The temperature can go below 68, but the cost of air conditioning is normally cost prohibitive below 68 degrees F. The data center manager, who runs the facility where the servers are kept, is responsible for maintaining server uptime and efficiency.

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Ambient temperature definition