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Waking Up With AnxietyPanic & Night Sweats

Udocheals.orgAmbien for anxiety attack
10.19.2017 | Jennifer Bargeman
Ambien for anxiety attack
Waking Up With AnxietyPanic & Night Sweats

On a side note, I am on Lamictal (panic disorder and depression), Ativan (anxiety), Protonix (reflux due to anxiety), Pepcid (stomach upset due to anxiety), and occasionally I used a saline nasal spray because the Lamictal dries out my mucous membranes and aggravates my sinus, therefore causing sinus headaches and discomfort. I have headaches (not only sinus) almost everyday probably because of the insomnia.

It's 3:20 AM right now (I'm in Florida) and I can't go back to sleep. This has been happening lay. Right when I think things are getting better; every time I get a new symptom or feel something awkward within my body, fear overwhelms me. My panic disorder tends to manifest into new things.

I do not need to get out of bed. I have been getting panic attacks since I was at least 15 (currently 26). My mind is getting quiet now. Usually I am back asleep within 30 minutes. So it is not easy. I am safe, I am calm, I will be ok. I am not dying. I do still get nocturnal attacks at times, but I have learned to not run from my bed and allow them to keep me up. Granted this took me years to perfect. My current sleeping pattern is very out of whack. I guess since I am not working anymore I am not too concerned about getting it back on track. I take an ativan and turn on soothing music or a relaxation session do my deep breathing and repeat to myself this is panic.

Hope it helps. Just wanted to set some insight about certain medications. Sorry for getting off tangent.

Otherwise, it's a good medication. It has for the most part brought my mental state from being out of control to a sense of normalcy. Since I've been on Lamictal, I've had more depression but less panic attacks. Although it was originally for clients who have seizures, research found that it helped with other psychiatric disorders (depression, panic disorder, bipolar disorder, mood swings). That's probably because my body is under a ton of stress due to nursing school.

Any input will be appreciated.

Hope everyone is doing well.

I think if I had to have a set schedule I would go back to trying one of those 2 again. Currently I use an over the counter sleep aide occasionally. Anyways I have tried different prescription sleeping medications without much success. It seems to help without making me feel like a zombie, but I still will wake up in the night. The lunesta left a terrible taste in my mouth, the regular ambien woke me up after 5 hours and the ambien cr made me feel like a zombie the next day. I am able to fall back asleep fairly quick though. I have used some non traditional sleep aids such as Trazadone and Amitriptyline.

it helps to re-assure me that it is the disorder and not a real health problem. This may sound sick. but I am just glad that other people with my disorder have experienced the same symptoms.

I figured that I slept on it for a long period of time and the nerves from my brain to my left arm were disconnected, causing paralysis. And of course, I had a panic attack along with that horrifying experience. There are other factors and I have already written too much (sorry =X I'm very detailed when it comes to typing or writing my thoughts). One night last week, I woke up and my left arm was compley paralyzed. I'm not speaking of the numbness you feel with anxiety. I could not feel a thing! I punched it, slapped it, pinched it.couldn't feel a thing. I eventually got feeling back 15 minutes later but it scared the hell out of me. Anyway, so now I wake up with anxiety (numbness in my neck, arms, and stomach) and have night sweats. My insomnia remains to be an issue and has negatively affected my ability to get to school on time and handle the amount of work I have to do.

My body is used to the Ativan by now. Started off taking it as needed but that wasn't working. Now I take it twice a day (once in the morning and once at night) and it has reduced the anxiety symptoms.

Otherwise I would have a little anxiety here and there. However, I have been getting better dealing with the panic attacks in general. They have reduce from having them everyday to once or twice every two weeks or so.

Koruna aka Koreanegra. We are all in the same boat and you are not alone. Thank you and I hope you find peace and comfort through the difficult times. Will pray for everyone.

I hate it when I awake with panic attack, because getting back to sleep is impossible sometimes, and rest really helps my overall condition per se.

At times the lack of sleep builds up so much that I'll fall asleep in the middle of the day (if my 2 year old daughter lets me =p). I guess what I'm trying to say is, even though I'm not waking up in a full blown panic attack anymore, my sleep is still greatly affected by Panic Disorder. Luckily for me, I'm a stay at home dad and I can do that.

I had my first panic attack this morning in a long time, maybe just an hour ago. My heart rate raced, and I instantly went from almost asleep to hypervigilant. I was on the edge of falling back asleep and felt like I stepped off a building. But things do get better. That thought was there; you know what I'm talking about.MY TIME HAS COME! In literally less than two minutes I had myself calmed down and I was asleep again in less than 15.

My panic attacks have been pretty well under control for over a year now, but if I wake up in the middle of the night feeling funny (or even with part of my body numbed from sleeping wrong) I still have to get up and do something. If I'm experiencing any symptoms that precede an anxiety attack I'll usually take an extra Ativan since I already take less than I'm prescribed per day. I usually hop online and read the news, lay I've been checking this site also. Anyways, I woke up in the middle of the night, tossing and turning like I do a lot of nights.

Its taken years of therapy, medication, and connecting to others with the same experience online for things to get better, but they do. Now, back when all this started I would have been so involved with how I was feeling there would have been a good chance of that turning into a trip to the E.R.

I am trying to get my sleeping pattern back on track but it has been difficult.

Oddly enough though, coming to this site and "talking", like I am now, with you, helps tremendously I find.

Wishing you much aloha from the land of sunshine, and big wavrs for surfing!

Remember you are not alone! -Steve.

Ambien for anxiety attack