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What can you buy in a mexican pharmacy

Ask Codo Can you find Percocet and Oxycontin in Mexico? The

6.15.2017 | Jessica MacAdam

BRING NARCOTIC MEDICATIONS FROM THEIR US PHARMACY.. in Mexico) you can buy dummy placebos for your monthly pill counts.

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Hidden Camera Investigation Buying Rx drugs in Mexico

8.17.2017 | Logan Miers

They say what Las Vegas is to gambling, Mexico is now to pharmacies. You can buy a little bag and put it in your bra and they don't check or nothing," said the.

If they are taking something from Mexico I hope they're being looked at by a doctor and are noting their progress," said Rachel Ogumbo, a pharmacy intern at the Medicine Shoppe in Tucson. "I hope the patients are being monitored.

Tucsonan Bob Fineman made the trip a few times a year to save money on heartburn pills.

When we asked the pharmacy employee if we would get into trouble he shook his head and said no, no, no.

Not all were quick to offer us a deal. One pharmacist flat out denied our request for Valium when we told him we did not have a prescription.

A woman accused in the fatal stabbing of her husband and four children at their home in Loganville appeared in court Friday morning.

Fineman took tourist groups to Mexico specifically to buy prescription medication.

Even if you have prescription from a Mexican doctor, you cannot cross the border with it," said the Pharmacy employee.

What are the rules on buying meds from Mexico?

10.19.2017 | Logan Miers

When you visit a dentist in Mexico, he will write you a prescription for pain or Can I bring pharmacy meds for a friend or family back to the US?.

However, it’s best to follow a doctor’s advice when buying Mexico meds. Get a prescription from a Mexican doctor (or bring your US prescription) to get the correct dosage and the exact type of medication you need.

by Dayo Dental Staff.

You are allowed to bring up to 3 months personal supply back to the US.

Have you bought prescription meds from Mexico? We’d love to hear your experience.

How many pills from Mexico can I bring back to the US?. 2.

Can I bring pharmacy meds for a friend or family back to the US?.

Buying Prescription medicine in Mexico Camper Chronicles

11.20.2017 | Noah Becker

Posts about Buying Prescription medicine in Mexico written by Lee and Tracy. is no ID is required to enter Mexico, but you do need a passport to return to the US, We stopped in a pharmacy first and I was impressed by it's.

A small portion of what was available.

Normally I would have been very tentative about doing this without Lee, but since Mario is a native Honduran, and Ellen lived in Honduras for a few years and speaks Spanish fluently, I thought who better could I experience my first border crossing with? I went to Cozumel once from a cruise ship, but I have never been into Mexico on my own and was curious to see it and learn about all the things folks talk about. Lots of RVers cross into Mexico for prescription drugs, dental work, and eyeglasses, so there must be something to it.

Buying Prescription Drugs in Mexico

7.16.2017 | Noah Becker

Why Do People Go to Mexico to Buy Prescription Drugs? Whatever your reasons for wanting to buy prescription drugs in Mexico, if you are considering making the trip Mexican pharmacy employees may not have any medical training.

In either case, the import of a personal supply of any drug brought over the border must be declared to U.S. Customs, and you should have a valid prescription from a U.S doctor with you.

The prescription must be in your own name.

Other laws may also apply. Some drugs, including controlled substances, may not be purchased in Mexico without a valid prescription from a Mexican doctor.

Controlled substances including, but not limited to, tranquilizers and painkillers, are under the jurisdiction of the U.S.