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Ambien During Pregnancy

Udocheals.orgTook ambien during pregnancy
7.18.2017 | Nathan Becker
Took ambien during pregnancy
Ambien During Pregnancy

I would go ahead and take it and plan to stop as soon as you go into labor or the day before you have a c-section. The only thing about it is that you can't take it the night before your delivery (if you know it ahead of time - in my case it was a planned c-section) because even though it doesn't affect the baby while you're pregnant, it does go into breast milk and makes your baby sleep too. It really made a big difference in my sleep. More than she needs to and makes it hard for her to stay awake to nurse. I took it during my second and 3rd pregnancies. I actually SLEPT! I wasn't in the hospital but I just couldn't sleep at night because I was so big.

#2, Chemical drugs always have side effects. I wouldn't take it, as #1, no matter what others have perceived in their or their child's health using it, you & yours are unique and may react differently. There are natural choices for the sleep problem :) Be well, Liz.

He said it has been tested. I wouldn't take it! My md suggested UNISOM - over the counter.

Hang in there and warm wishes to you and your family!

If you're in the hospital and receiving this drug under your ob's care, I'm sure it's within safe limits. Ask away!! Enjoy the rest and 'room service' while you have it. Talk to them, ask them the questions. I don't know if it's addictive, to where you develop a need for it, so you may want to talk to them about after you deliver, will it transfer to your breast milk if you decide to nurse? All pertinent questions. Life will be very busy very soon!! Here's to a happy, healthy deliver and baby!!!. l them your fears and/or concerns.

I don't have a response I just wanted to see what others have to say because my doctor wanted to give me something too to help me sleep as I am in my last 5 weeks of pregnancy and recently found out my husband had an affair so we are getting a divorce but it makes it very hard for me to sleep at night and I need sleep! Good luck.

It is a relatively new drug so any long-term side effects would not be apparent now. There are other safe, approved sleep aids available. I was prescribed Ambien during my pg. It is also in a class of drugs that is generally considered not safe. but did not take it because I could not verify if it was safe or not.

It didn't have any negative side effects to either me or the baby. His heart rate was great, and he was nice and strong. Take care!. The Ambien made the labor really nice, as I slept in between contractions, and was more relaxed, helping the labor go faster. The night I went into labor with our first son, I wasn't dilating, so the doctor sent me home :( They gave me Ambien, saying it would either help me sleep off the feelings of contractions or help my body relax so they would come harder. It did the latter, and we delivered him less than 4 hours later. I hope you have a good experience with it, too.

I hated the way it made me feel!. says its o.k. A., I too am one of those types that if the Dr. I just trust.but with that being said.I was given a very low dose (5mg, I think) of Ambien during the last few months of my last pregnancy because I couldn't sleep and I tried it, never having taken any type of sleep aid before, and it made me wake up with a start and I was unable to go back to sleep.

I think you're safe. And I took Unisom all through my pregnancy with no negative side effects too. I took it while nursing and didn't see any negative effects on my daughter.

it is your health and your baby's health, after all. it's a class x drug. there are books available that will l you what drugs are safe during pregnancy and what is not, and are more accurate than what doctors and nurses can pull out of their heads. it's not. plenty of doctors and nurses have given or advised i be given something unsafe during pregnancy, and that includes my midwife who said a particular drug was given to pregnant women with a certain condition i have. always always always question that sort of thing. unisom has been used in pregnancy for quite some time, for both morning sickness and for insomnia. http://www.safefetus.com/DrugDetail.asp?DrugId=148&Tr. you can request that you take unisom instead. it is a class b drug for pregnancy, and if you are worried about the ambien (which it sounds like you are or you wouldn't have asked here) then you have every right to request something different. Hi A.

Thank you for your advice!!. Hi Everyone!! I am seeking advice on taking Ambien during the last trimester of pregnancy. They have been giving me Ambien to help me sleep, because anyone who has stayed in the hospital for an extended period of time knows how hard it is to sleep here!! Taking it really helps me get through the nights, but I just want to make sure it is not doing any harm to my unborn baby. I am currently in the hospital on bedrest and have been here for the last two weeks. I have read all the stuff on the internet, but I am looking for more of first hand accounts of people who have taken it.

K. So please just pay close attention to your body and your mind and always remember that any type of medication you put into your body has the ability to efect you differently than it may others.no matter if they say its safe or not.

I am always leary about taking medication prescribed or not, but I realized that there was no way I could deliver a baby without the rest which is why I gave in and took it. The same thing happened to me with my second pregnancy and my baby is now 6 months old and doing great.

they are valid concerns and that might help you to resolve some of them! Best of luck to you! I am sorry you are on bedrest too. I would talk to the pharmasist on staff their with your concerns. That must be difficult.

and its a nightmare knowing my sons lil heart needs fixed.on top of some other issues he has. speech delay.believe me. so my opinion. like juvinile arthritis. but I HAVE first hand experince with this. believe me. I KNOW I sound bitter maybe. its all about money and getting those drugs out there. and do u really want to take the chance. just the tier they are in concerning safety.with my first son i had ppd mildly but they put me on antidepressants. I was told they were safe to continue. when I became pregnant again. they work for the pharmacuticals not us. the benifits outweigh the risks yadda yada we my son has irriversable damage now thanks to my DRS and those pills. he will be going in for heart surgury soon. I have done tremendus homework and reading since and the FDA the DRS and PHIZER and all them cannot be trusted. on a different note. and dont really know alot about the drugs they perscribe. I too took ambien for sometime and it did great for me, but I stopped when I became pregnant. those drugs are not safe. no drug is safe during pregnancy dispite what the Drs say. Drs 'to me' have become pill pushers.

If they are giving it to you I wouldnt worry. I was in the hospital with my first for four days because of preterm labor and went nuts I could only imagine being there longer would send anyone over the edge!!good luck my thoughts are with you. They gave it to me after I delivered my third because I was having bad spinal headaches and literally didnt sleep for almost 48 hours because of that. I am one of those people though that if the doc says it is ok I will do it. How long will you be in the hospital on bed rest? that would be awful. I would discuss your concerns with your doc.

I took ambien throughout both of my pregnancies with now side effects to the babies!

Took ambien during pregnancy